Running like God in France (22km & 11km)

Together with my brother-in-law, I was fortunate to run some beautiful trails in the South of France and it felt like „running like God in France“.

Le Haut Montet

The first trail is a 22km round-trip starting at the GR51 just above Chateuneuf-de-Grasse going up the observatorium on Le Haut Montet. The trail will give us beautiful outlooks on the Mediterranean Sea as well on the plateau around Cassols, on the Loup canyon and on the mountains Puy de Tourrettes and Pic de Courmettes (our second trail).

Gesamtstrecke: 22.57 km
Gesamtanstieg: 921 m


With nice weather, you will be able to enjoy wonderful views:

Pic de Courmettes

Our second trip starts east of the gorge de loupe in Courmes. Through this little village, we follow the GR51 until we see a concrete water storage. We turn left onto the Piste de la Moulière and follow the trail to the top of the Pic de Courmettes at 1248m. From the mountain top, you also have some nice views on the entire Cote d’Azur (if wheather allows it). We go straight towards the next top, Puy de Tourrettes at 1270m. There, you have to look out for the right way down: stay to the left (the track below shows how to get lost) and follow the way until you reach the GR51 again. Turn left and enjoy the downhill! After about 1km, you have the chance to turn right to go straight back to Courmes.

Gesamtstrecke: 11.64 km
Gesamtanstieg: 892 m


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